2009 Westie Walk

Our first Westie Walk was Oct 9, 2009 on the north side of Indianapolis.  We had 23 Westies!

The Westies were all bubbly and generally happy to be out and about. Westies love walks and usually other Westies. It was a chilly day and the cold didn't bother the dogs a bit; unlike some of us owners who shivered and sipped our hot coffee trying to warm up.

Some of our photos are shown below; aren't we a snappy looking group?
Westies all seem to dislike photo sessions, thus the 'do I have to' looks on some of the dogs faces. But we all had a good time!

2009 Group Photo

Out For a Stroll

Aren't They Cute?
Well, we meant the dogs but the people are cute too!

What's a Westie Walk without BagPipes?!
This Westie think so too!